Friday 24 February 2006

Oman: Chicken Licken

The news today is that the sky is falling down. Yep, it is not only raining (feral) cats and dogs but camels, Arabian Oryx and anything else on four legs. It started while shopping yesterday when waterfalls were falling from the ceiling in our local hypermarket, through the lights and onto the food below. We sheltered in a coffee shop for a while before paddling to the car.

We found out the house is not very waterproof either. The windows are not sealed (why should they be?) and water was forced into the bedrooms on the side of the house which flowed through to the stairs and down to the ground floor, creating a large lake. We had to push the water with a scraper to the front door. Good job we have marble floors as there is no damage. We felt a bit sorry for the workers near our house who were living in the grounds of the house they have been building for a few months. Their wooden shack was blown apart and must have been completely flooded.

On the bright side, both the cars are very clean now.

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Bum Cheeks said...

Now thats just mean - complaining about the weather out there when over here its been snowing for the last 3 days!! Thing is its not real snow - just cold rain. You and your 364 days of perfect sunshine........gerrrrrrrrr. Is so cold here - think I'm going to invest in some rude boy ear muffs - my ears nearly fell off this morning!