Saturday 11 March 2006

Oman: beach weekend

This weekend we camped with friends at Sifah which is just over an hour's drive east of Muscat. Probably the most perfect camping spot we have ever seen. The bay has a soft toasty-hot beach bordered by mountains, blue-green sea, shoals of acrobatic fish and beautiful coral. If only I had used the polarising filter! We spent the day swimming, belly-boarding, playing boule, drinking beer and girlie-pop and cremating food on the barbeque.

This is the camp at first light. I woke at 6am to find an empty beach with just the occasional sound of a motor boat going out to sea from a nearby fishing village. And the plop of a crazy fish jumping out of the sea. A few of the group went for a snork which was beautiful and Mrs M has now caught the bug and wants to take up diving, if she can keep her hair dry. We packed up at about 3pm and were home before dark to give the car a good hose down and put the camping gear away until the next weekend......

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