Thursday 27 April 2006

India: the Golden Triangle - Ranthanbhore to Bharaptur

The drive from Ranthanbhore took us north to Dausa on what our map shows as a major road. Actually it was a single strip of scrappy tarmac, about the width of one vehicle and we were forced off it on several occasions by brutish trucks decorated with tinsel. Liberal use of the magic car horn, used extensively during these weeks, did not help. But worse was to come. The ‘national highway’ from Dausa east to Bharaptur is under construction along its entire length. A single lane of roadway was shared by vehicles in both directions, while others drove off-road where rules of engagement did not apply.

With great relief, we arrived at the ‘Laxmi Vilas Palace’. The photos in the ‘Places to Stay’ book inflate its beauty, reflecting the fact it had not been inspected before going to press. However its charm is growing and a dip in the pool, cold beer and very well cooked dinner soothed these weary travelers.

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