Wednesday 3 May 2006

India: The Golden Triangle - final day

A late checkout forced a slovenly 10.00am breakfast before commencing initial packing procedures. Realising that Mrs M’s essential purchases were not going to fit in our cases, she consulted the concierge for a box and tape. Gavin, a sub-conciergeman arrived with a scruffy box and tape. ‘Can I help you?’ he asked. Suspecting his parceling skills would not meet my stringent standards, I declined the offer. Half an hour later, we were lounging by the pool in 42 degrees. ‘Where’s my Daiquiri?’ Mrs M exclaimed after an agonising ten-minute wait for something that tasted to me like alcoholic baby food.

The decadence of the afternoon was acknowledged. Overhead we watched two eagles ripping rodent kill with their talons. Three o’clock arrived and we were whisked off into the Delhi congestion for the airport.

Airport staff at Delhi are miserable. We were squeezed into the plane like sausage meat I am sure there were people on the roof. After what seemed like hours we touched down in Muscat and drove home to our awaiting grumpy puss.

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