Wednesday 31 May 2006

Oman: Mrs M goes to UK

The piles of neatly ironed pants, shirts and trousers which had been situated around the house for several days were crammed into a suitcase for Mrs M's trip to UK. I found her in a slightly inebriated condition in a restaurant with the ladies and chauffeured her to Seeb airport. The rest of Muscat was also flying out that night - flesh oozed into spaces between trolleys and stacks of boxes tied up with string and plastic wrap. I drove back home with a heavy heart as there was no pie in the freezer.

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Bleakers said...

I must admit, it's doesn't quite sound as good as copious amounts of bacon doorsteps with HP sauce, washed down with ridiculous amounts of chilled Yuengling whilst watching the footy at 8.30am(eastern) Saturday morning.