Wednesday 16 August 2006

Oman: Al Tajin meat emporium

The Al Tajin at the Radisson has the reputation of being the best steakhouse in Muscat, which is a bit like claiming to be the finest alpaca farm in Norwich. It boasts an all-you-can shovel menu and more importantly, all-you-can-guzzle. Although the guzzling part was of little interest to this designated driver, they did serve a rather cheeky little Argentinean red that brought back memories of vegetable-less restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Mrs M struggled with reading glasses and dim lighting to complete the slightly gimmicky card which identifies your selection, although a photocopy would have been a welcome backup to my failing hard drive. The card doubles as a postcard which the Tajin promises to post free of charge anywhere in the world. OK....the children will be delighted.

Plenty of green stuff was available as a warm up to the meaty platters which were refreshingly unfangled and well prepared. Little room was left for pud, although Mrs M managed to find a small space for chocolate mousse.

We adjourned to the Radisson nightclub for a swift one where the England friendly game was being shown to the throb of an Asian girlie trio strangling such tunes as Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’. I have just read he died in 2003 from a heart attack at the age of 54. I did not know that.

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