Thursday 31 August 2006

Nepal: flying home with the heebie-jeebies

Mrs M awoke the night before she went to sleep to get up at 4.30am for the 8.30 flight back to Muscat. I awoke just after midnight with gut rot from which I thought I was going to die. Stomach cramps and sweats that would have embarrassed a racehorse heightened the chaoticness of Kathmandu airport. There were no signs indicating gates, flight numbers or times. We ascertained that the flight was delayed by an hour, which meant sitting through a further sixty minutes of high-pitched Bollywood dance tunes on the lounge TV.

Worse was to come on the plane. A waft of curry hinted that breakfast was on its way. Normally a good sign, but not today. Oh, my goodness. I politely took just tea for from the steward and hoped I could get through the meal without having to get up. I sweated, fidgeted and winced….but made it.

We flew over the house on the approach to Seeb and could see the cat patting her dish around the deck. During the extraordinarily long wait at the baggage carousel I anticipated Mrs M’s face when she saw her copper rice pot flattened like a church collection plate from rough handling. Thankfully, it arrived in one piece, much to the amusement of the Gulf flight crew.

We blasted home. I slept. Mrs M went to Jiffy Lube for more knee juice. Her promised birthday meal is postponed until I can keep down solids.

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