Saturday 4 November 2006

Oman: Jabal Shams

Following some advanced GPS fuddling by myself and complex handbag decanting procedures by Mandy, we were ready to depart for Jabal Shams.

En route we visited Nizwa Fort and picnicked at Falaj Daris, where a local string cat, with a striking resemblance to Koofi, gingerly ate bits of our chicken. Fully satiated, we headed up the Jabal, close to the highest point in Oman.

The sun dipped below the distant peaks as we prepared a fire and barbeque. Mrs M wrestled with the whispy antennae from the ‘shawns’, a name adopted due to a lack of agreement as to whether they were shrimps or prawns. Their name became irrelevant as they and the rest of the fish bought at Muttrah market were grilled and consumed without the aid of barbecue 'sos'. Superb.

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