Tuesday 26 December 2006

Oman: the men go trolling

We hired a boat from Sidab Tours for a spot of trolling (nothing to do with the short ugly monsters from Scandinavian folklore but a method of fishing by drawing a baited line through the water, apparently). After only ten minutes Miles was handed the rod to wrestle in our first fish of the day, a 30cm bluefin tuna.

Three hours and a couple sandwiches later our catch amounted to two 30cm tunas. Our luck then turned as a pair of sizeable bluefins decided jump onto our hooks at the same time. The boys fought bravely until the beasts were flicking around the deck before being plonked into a box. With testosterone now raging through our veins, we pottered around for another hour without gain until the sun dropped over the mountains behind Muscat. We raced back to show our trophies to the women.

Back home a barbeque was constructed from scraps around the house while Mark gutted and sliced. Several beers later we were eating superb tuna steaks while the women described their day of shopping and group nail polishing.

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