Tuesday 2 January 2007

Oman: and finally.......

Initial plans for Kate & Mark's last day were for a day at Sifha beach. Large dollops of cloud and freezing temperatures (well, 21°C) caused a rethink. Kate wanted to visit Bait al Fransa, a place she remembered from her childhood close to the palace. Unfortunately the museum was closed due to the Eid holiday, so we popped into Bait al Zubair museum nearby. One restored building contains many old photographs of Muscat from the early 1970s - a great nostalgia trip for Kate.

Peckishness sparked an idea for lunch at the Intercon. The girls consumed hearty sandwiches followed by a communal tiramisu with a choking layer of cocoa powder. Stuffed to the point of busting, we walked along the beach to paddle in the Gulf of Oman for the last time. Kate could not resist one last visit to a chemist for Miles before heading back for last minute packing.

With less combined baggage than Flossie carries, we led the gang back to Seeb airport which had about ten people in it. After check-in we said our farewells with some blubbering on Kate's behalf. We did not envy their journey; one hour to Dubai, a four hour wait, a fourteen hour flight to New York, customs, immigration, a final hop to DC and a drive to Poolesville. Eek.

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