Wednesday 17 January 2007

Oman: Muscat Gate Museum

Taking advantage of Arabic New Year's Day leave, we visited Muscat Gate Museum built over the main road on the site of the mountain outcrop that was once the boundary of Muscat city. The splendid building houses displays on Oman's history from ancient times to the present with exhibits on water channels and springs, ancient wells, souqs, houses, mosques, harbours and forts. I have a feeling the guy doing the commentary of the video is Oman FM's 'Fike on the Mike'. I recognise the mispronunciations. Well worth a visit.

After taking a few photos of a picturesque old mosque near the museum, we took the road behind the museum which one exhibit described as being the original road that twisted around the mountains behind the city. We followed the track until we reached a group of crusty-nosed footballing children and turned back, noticing a signpost to an official hiking path. We'll give that a go on another day if Mrs M's knees are up to it. I'll tell her there's a pharmacy up the top. That should do it.

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