Sunday 18 March 2007

Oman: magic white gloves

One hour twenty minutes to drive 23km. The deluge caused the usual chaos and a bit more. At one point two lanes merged with untypical courtesy into one to avoid a knee deep lake – except for one young lady whose white driving gloves gave her the magic powers to keep going at full speed turning the entire area into a giant car wash. Her wheels could not have been in contact with the road. At work the usually dry wadi bed was a torrential river of bubbling cocoa. It was an amazing sight.

On the way home the flyover at Al-Khuwayr was closed and policemen redirected traffic with total lack of authority. I have no idea where I went but I ended up in Bawshar where quad bikes and 4WDs were climbing over the enormous dunes stiffened by hours of rain.

Al phoned later to complain about the rain. It is supposed to be sizzly hot when they arrive on Tuesday. Ah.

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