Thursday 29 March 2007

Oman: the penultimate day

Mrs M took the girlies to the pamper parlour where toes and nails were buffed and polished. This was followed by their very last trip to the tailors to collect Flossie's enormous trousers. In the afternoon, I took Al, Floss and Ava to Ramez in Seeb which sells just about everything as cheap as Omani chips.
They came away with bagfuls of junk for just a few rials. Ava was particularly pleased with her toy record deck.

That night, Mrs M (with customary new posh frock) and I (with polished shoes) went to the Thin Red Line Ball at the Hyatt. The girls put on their Chinese silk dresses and sat with Al absorbing the warm Omani air around the pool on their last evening while we dined on good food and excellent Argentinean wine.

The highlight, as last year, was the finale of the Band of the Royal Army Omani whose drummer put on another solo performance that stole the show. To cap the evening off, we won a prize of a meal at a local restaurant (although mother wanted to win the laptop to do 'stuff' on). There was much giggling from the back of the car on the way home.

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scissorlegs said...

From Kids flying the coup to the timely arrival of the stork...for us!
Sorry, lost your email.
Let's catch up (as if I need to ask you what you're up to) -

...And to continue with the avian metaphores, it all sounds like a hoot over there, while blighty's still a clucking tit-hole!

Love to Sarah...