Thursday 26 April 2007

Oman: and finally...

With bellies swooshing around like overfilled hot water bottles, Mike and I took an early morning run. The perceived lack of pace became understandable as water leaked from everywhere and clothes chaffed intimate places. 10km later we stretched in puddles of sweat while trying to hydrate faster than water was coming out.

With the ladies still fast asleep, we went to Muttrah fish market where large amounts of tuna were purchased for only two rials. We popped in to the Bait al Baranda museum to take a look at some of the winning photos from the Oman2day competition. Photos of horse racing by Japp Coese were particularly inspiring.

On returning home the girls had managed to pull themselves out of bed and were raring to go as Mike and I were beginning to wilt. Nonetheless we packed up the car to head back to the Dive Centre for one final afternoon of chilling in the shade.

At sunset the barbeque leaped into action to grill the tuna which had been marinating all day while Kay and Mike reminisced on a great week in Oman. Just before 10pm we headed to the airport where huge numbers of bodies were squeezed into the departure area, a blockage caused by one policeman unusually checking everyone's tickets before entering the check-in area. So we waved goodbye to Kay and Mike and wished them well…….

We have 24 hours to change the sheets before the next guest!

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