Thursday 19 April 2007

Oman: the Barwells drop in

Kay and Mike arrived at an unusually quiet Seeb airport at 7.00 this morning. On the drive back we noticed a light brown layer of orange dust lying over Muscat which extended out to sea. Breakfast was not required thanks to indigestible Gulf Airways' muffins, so tea was taken outside while we caught up on who is doing what and with whom at that place in Feltham.

After forcing them to take an anti-jet lag nap we went to the Shafaq to sit in the sensible shade around the pool. Later, with suitable levels of water on board, Mike and I went for a run on the beach. The humidity was pleasantly low as we headed towards the Aziabah fishing boats whose fishy pungency marks the turn point. We returned along the beach bathed in silvery light to drip dry by the back door.

During diner the presence of the two large bottles of port was explained. Grand Master Westoll has taught the Barwells to consume pint-sized quantities of the stuff. In order to maintain their high skill levels, further training will be carried out while camping. Mrs M and I may get a crash course in gout.

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