Tuesday 8 May 2007

Oman: culture and entertainment

In the Bait al Baranda museum, Duncan and surrogate mother/tour guide examined the geological exhibits to shed light on some of the formations observed on our travels. A quick blast around the palace then ensued, followed by the old harbour. People pay good money for this.

Late afternoon we arrived at Shatti cinema to watch Spiderman 3 which still has not even reached Falmouth (sorry Floss). The waft of burnt popcorn, coffee and rancid cheese gloop filled our nostrils as we fumbled to our seats with mother apologising to everyone in our row as she patted them on the head.

Having not seen the first two Spidey films, it is difficult to determine the target audience, but I’m guessing around the junior school age range, judging by the less than challenging script. And why all the crying? Kirsten Dunst was too weak as well. Should have been Scarlett Johanssen.

We had worked up an appetite after the two-and-a-quarter hour epic, so we drove to the Shafaq for the Tuesday Chinese buffet where they were serving Chinese buffet. We finished the evening with gentlemen’s refreshment in the freezer section (which they call the bar).

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