Thursday 3 May 2007

Oman: Jabal Akhdar

The car thermometer read 43C as we passed through the police check point at the bottom of Jabal al Akhdar hoping to find cooler a climate. We crept up the steep road past the Jabal al Akhdar hotel to Wadi Bani Habib where we picnicked under pomegranate trees with pubescent fruit.

On the route back to the hotel we paused for Duncan to take photos of Sayq village spread around a dense patch of bright green vegetation. Later at the aircraft crash site,
Mrs M upstaged an Omani tour guide with his group by giving them the details of the aircraft and pilot, including his name and inside leg measurement. I definitely heard the words “bossy lady” from one of the group as they returned to their car.

At dinner we sat outside in the cool evening air while other guests curiously sat inside - I think they were not from these parts. The buffet dinner offered a good choice of starters, meat, starch and veg warmed over large vats suitable for the heartiest of appetites. It was good basic army food. And here is my point. Having stayed here before I am convinced that this hotel was designed built and managed as an army mess. Everything from the furniture, layout, the smell and now the food reeks of military purpose.

After dinner we Jengad while Duncan watched the spectacle of his uncle and aunt (ooh, I have never written that before) glugging port which, as it happened, aided in the construction of a 34-layer stack. Most impressive.

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