Wednesday 11 July 2007

Oman: no thank you

Always in search of something interesting to eat, we arrived at the Zanzibari Island restaurant in Ghubra expecting something similar to the picture painted in the Oman2day restaurant guide. Em, no. The restaurant serves a buffet in the evening which comprised a series of barely-warm stainless steel trays housing roughly-hewn animal components in sauces which were developing a skin. Very cheap, but not what we had in mind.

We drove aimlessly for a few moments until the Prado took us to the opposite end of the culinary spectrum, the Mumtaz Mahal. Mrs M's low-light-handbag-torch flicked over the menu stopping at a dry prawn curry with char-grilled cauliflower and trimmings. Our waiter suggested something a little wetter which was soon delivered and consumed with appropiate appreciation.

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