Friday 31 August 2007

Oman: approaching 50

Mrs M took a step closer to half a century today. Father provided a beautifully chosen pair of Omani silver thingys on sticks for holding candles or incense. The children’s presents are either en route or under construction. They generally arrive just before Christmas.

As a celebratory feast had been requested, we headed for the Intercon hotel for an all-you-can-scoop lunch. Every time I wonder how the hotel makes a profit on this buffet as the range of food and the quality is very good. Mother began with a huge plate of starters while I had a more modest collection of sushi and sinus-clearing wasabi paste.

Round two included traditional Omani pit-roasted meat and Chinese. At this point Mrs M is usually warmed up sufficiently to sample an unladylike quantity of items from the sweet department. Our performance was however quite modest by comparison to a solitary Omani gentlemen who clearly intended to get value for money. The gold medal went to a rotund American chap who ate for his country.

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