Sunday 5 August 2007

Oman: the only person with frostbite in Oman

Mother's hot water bottle gluggled as we took our seats to watch the latest Harry Potter offering at Shatti cinema. Before the adverts had even finished, she was shrouded in a shawl and to my amazement, a pair of thick woolly socks appeared from her handbag after a few minutes. I will suggest a flask of hot cocoa or soup next time.

During some of the scenes, I imagined certain American audiences recoiling in horror at such things as the inclusion of beer and wine on a table and Harry's amorous advances in a children's film. Sure enough, one website (admittedly Australian), points out much of this offending material….
  • In one scene Harry is told that Cho couldn’t take her eyes off him.
  • When Harry is asked what it was like to kiss Cho he said it was “wet”.
  • When reference was made to Cho’s melancholy mood Ron stated, “Snogging would cheer her up.”
  • In a couple of scenes Cho looks at Harry with romantic eyes.
  • In one scene Harry and Cho engage in a long passionate kiss on the mouth.
  • Bellatrix Lestrange is seen as a sensuous witch wearing a black tight fitting dress that exposes a degree of cleavage.
  • At a family dinner some of the adults have a full glasses of beer in front of them but they are not seen drinking.
  • At a Christmas dinner glasses of wine are on the table, but people are not seen drinking.
  • Bad language includes; “Shut up;” “Stupid mother;” “Bloody hell;” “Old toad face;” “Toss pot;” “Bloody idiot;” “Filthy half breeds;” “Mad filthy half bloods."
You have been warned.

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