Thursday 31 January 2008

Oman: real food at City Centre

While travelling down the escalator at City Centre, we spotted a new restaurant which comes as a welcome relief in a maturing shopping centre devoid of decent food (i.e. the American-style food court, the American-style Starbucks and the American-style Chili's). We intended to visit the Noodle House in Dubai a few weeks ago, but to our delight, the first branch in Oman opened today. The stylish décor and open kitchen were barely noticed by the large number of customers who were squeezed onto the bench seats like cattle. 

We made our selection on the tear-off menus, which was a bit of a lottery when you have no idea about the dishes and are unable to catch the attention of one of the warp-speed waitresses. After ticking a few boxes, Mrs M headed out into the mall to find a toilet as the architects bizarrely forgot to include that particular feature during the design phase. Not much call for them in these parts.

A long half an hour later, my Bakmi Goreng arrived accompanied by Mrs M’s Singapore noodles. The food was excellent, in keeping with the chain’s reputation. However, the plates were the most significant aspect of the meal - just what I have been looking for. Unfortunately they were too big to slip into Mrs M’s handbag.

It was nearly 3.30 pm by the time we left and the frantic pace had diminished to allow the staff to walk rather than run between kitchen and table. We’ll certainly return, but I fear, so will many others.

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