Tuesday 12 February 2008

Oman: The souq

Mrs M Tours took the chaps to the souq where unfortunately a boatload of camera swinging rucksack-laden tourists had just arrived to purchase their genuine Omani souvenirs. Jamie made the mistake of showing interest in a pair of sunglasses and was harassed mercilessly by a salesman keen to feed his family for a week on the handsome profit. Otherwise they escaped relatively unscathed.

Despite having over-indulged at Darcey's for lunch, we took our seats in the Kargeen Garden for dinner. Jamie slurped juice from a pineapple and Stew sipped from what looked like a sample bottle as we ordered.

More tourists arrived (possibly the group from the souq). They took their seats at two long tables and began to photograph and video just about everything. They must have come from toasty-hot ovenland as they were curiously all wearing coats.

Chris dined on a dainty bowl of soup. Jamie had a pineapple pizza (a culinary abomination if ever there was one) while Stew was presented with a small barbeque upon which sat several lumps of meat. He did well to finish.

As Stew declined the offer of a hubbly-bubbly and nothing on the desert menu appealed, we returned to Azaibah to relax the tension on our belts.

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Anonymous said...

Oi pineapple and ham pizza is amazing... one of the best flavours actually!