Tuesday 30 September 2008

Oman: not the best time to be a goat

The goat market in Seeb was crammed with lorries and trucks loaded with an assortment of animals – plump hairy goats at the front and smaller, cheaper white goats at the back in the discount section.

Cars were abandoned along the side of the road while their owners went in search of a bargain for tom
orrow’s Eid. There was much inspecting and haggling, but not much money seemed to be changing hands. It was early I suppose.

Traffic was almost stationary as I headed in the direction of the vegetable market. The main road in Seeb was crammed with three-and-a-half lines of cars in two lanes. A few vehicles veered off at different angles to find a way through the congestion or attempt to take a parking spot before the previous occupant had departed.

The vegetable quest was abandoned.

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