Monday 13 October 2008

Oman: going over the top.....again

Lionel and Alun arrived last night for a few days of business in Muscat. After meetings this morning, we headed over Jabal Akhdar once again from Al Hamra through Wadi Bani Awf to Nakhal. The road was empty up to the ridge where we dismounted for the obligatory photographs. The air was clearer than a few days ago but I guess we will have to keep returning to get a decent panoramic shot.

We continued onto the track and descended past Hat, Balad Sayt, through the football pitch until our picnic location in the trees. Refreshed, we followed the track through the green terraced fields of Az Zammah where, incredibly, we encountered a small saloon car coming in the opposite direction. The driver of the hire car seemed a little troubled when I gestured that it was not possible for me to go back and he begrudgingly reversed his little sewing machine until I could squeeze past. Looney.

We explored Snake Gorge for a while before continuing past At Tikhah and Al Fara to route 13 which eventually connects with the main highway.

In the evening we provided an introduction to Middle Eastern cuisine in the form of a chicken targine. At least we told them it was chicken….

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