Monday 17 November 2008

UK: pants

This morning I was woken at 4.30 by the sound of an alien spacecraft hovering over the house. My mistake, it was the washing machine on final spin.

Can't say I've ever been clothes shopping in Feltham before. However, as I was developing a shortage in the pant department thanks to some hasty packing, Al escorted me to the new 'Next' at lunch time where a nice set of three was purchased. I can hold my head up high in the office now.

In the evening, the instructions I overheard Mandy giving Simon about handling her breasts turned out to be related to the dinner of pan fried guinea fowl with pomegranate and spinach. This was followed by treacle pudding and proper Bird's custard. To finish we enjoyed some of the wonderful unpasteurised cheddar I bought at the food show. All this and Thunderbird music.

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