Monday 8 December 2008

Oman: Christmas dinner appeal

For several weeks I have been going into small hardware shops trying to find Coleman’s camping gas which used to sold in a couple of places in Muscat.

‘Do you have any of these?’ I ask, unfolding a well-worn picture to minimise the linguistic hurdles. The usual reaction is a shake of the head. ‘Any idea where I might find them (please don’t tell me Khimji’s)?’ This is usually followed by a slightly different shake of the head or possibly vague directions to another purveyor of cheap and nasty Chinese hardware goods fronted by an indifferent chap slumped behind a wooden counter. Bugger. Why can’t there be a Home Depot in Muscat?
If anyone‘s spotted any of these in and around Muscat, please send an email to the address at the top of the home page. Thanks!

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