Thursday 26 February 2009

Oman: avert yours eyes

Our weekend trip to the Turtle beach resort in Ras Al Hadd began with a cash-point crisis at the Sultan Centre where Lloyds rejected attempts to access John's money despite advanced notification. With a back-up plan in effect, we continued along the new Sur road to picnic in Fins. Although the highway is now officially open, the toll booths have not been completed and there is much debate in the office regarding the cost and how to avoid payment. The sea looked wonderful in Fins - various shades of opal faded to clear water which gently lapped the pale sand along the shore.
An hour later we pulled into the Turtle Beach resort for a spot of sun before dinner. We must have stepped into a fashion time warp as there were a few Europeans sporting skimpy Speedos and one chap wearing Daniel Craig ‘Bond’ swimming trunks. Thankfully we were distracted by an incident with John and the resident Moray eel.

After sunset we dined heartily. I am sad to report that the chips were not up to their usual high standard. At 8 o'clock most of the guests disappeared to spend a few hours on an unlit beach observing the private parts of turtles. Fortunately we did not have to go on this occasion.

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