Thursday 5 February 2009

Oman: bamping at last

We met friends at the Wadi Aday petrol station for the ninety-minute drive to Fins. The scenery after Amrat changes weekly as chunks of rock are removed to make way for the new road temporarily decorated with lines of red cones and nonchalant workers with red flags.

The sea was back to its more traditional opal colour after several months of red tide. White horses danced as a stiff wind turned our sun shades into kites requiring additional ingenious methods to ensure they stayed attached to the ground.

As watches do not dictate the start of any meal, I called an eleven o'clock lunch leaving tent construction until the wind abated. Ian and Steve chewed strips of South African jerky (don’t think I’ve written that before) while Mrs M and Lou chewed the hind legs off several donkeys. Behind the camp, a teenage camel nibbled on bare vegetation.

The afternoon passed slowly as camping afternoons are supposed to pass. The fierce heat of the sun was held back by a heavy haze which later turned to cloud over the mountains behind. It began to get nippy requiring the commencement of fire activities and a little something to warm from the inside. Ahhh....

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