Saturday 21 February 2009

Oman: only a few more hours of sun left

While I was half way through my first day back at work, Mrs M was rounding up the troops for their final day in Muscat at the Oman Dive Centre. Andy took Holly out in a kayak while Katie made the most of the only sun she will see until the British summer in the third week of August. 

In the afternoon, Mrs M and Andy snorkeled in the chilly waters near Bander Al Khiran. The sea was even too cold for the fish that were clearly somewhere nice and warm. It was reported that Mrs M wimped out after half hour due to the cold and Andy was apparently forgotten by the boatman who was having trouble with the anchor. It is almost certain that Mrs M will have been looking at her watch every five minutes by this point and upon their return, she threw everyone into the car and raced at barely legal speeds to arrive home before sunset. 

That night, the last supper was held at the Mumtaz Mahal. Holly had only to flutter her eyelids to get non-spicy poppadoms which she ate with a northern English accent. The rest of the family enjoyed the food, ambiance and one of the best views of Muscat. It was eventually all too much for Holly as she fell asleep in Katie’s arms and had to be carried to the car past three redundant car park attendants. 

Back at the house, Andy recorded Holly’s snuffly walrus impression on video, doubtless to be played back for prospective boyfriends, birthdays and weddings.

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