Wednesday 8 April 2009

Bottom scratching in Fins

While shopping for food, the three Muscateers were sidetracked by a handsome gentleman in the Amouage shop that seduced Gail into buying one of his highly valued and highly expensive products. The mosque group were again spotted at a secondary expedition in the Al Fair supermarket.
I rushed home from work to find ladies wrestling with chickens in preparation for camping. With the usual items packed into the car, we pulled out of the drive as April was getting comfortable with her iPod, headphones and pillow. She was asleep before we reached the Grand Mosque and we didn't hear a sound until just before Fins.
In Fins village, there was a brief pause to photograph a few goats that had found a good bottom-scratching wall before we arrived at the deserted beach. The sand was smooth and slightly crusty after the recent rain and there was a faint whiff of red tide in the air. There was no time to lose - sun shade, tents, collect wood, light barbeque, drink beer. April and Mrs M spotted dolphin as they bobbed around in the sea before mandatory sundowners.

A full moon shone brighter (and given it will be gone in the morning, probably for longer) than an Omani light bulb over the camp as we ate animal parts before adjourning to the fire. A few smores and Westolls were enough to take the ladies to the end the day.

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