Tuesday 12 May 2009

Oman: I smell of lemon Jiff

Although worker ants in blue overalls were crawling over the compound for at least half an hour beforehand, the sound of drilling, grinding and reversing lorries did not commence until precisely 6.00am. Considering that many of them were working into the night and probably had about as much sleep as me, it’s a wonder they have the energy to climb their wobbly scaffolding and repaint an entire side of a house in two colours in a morning.

In Azaibah and in spite of the landlord’s statement that we ‘didn’t need to clean the house’ we cleaned the house. I don’t know why. It’s still not finished so we’ll have to come back again tomorrow to do the cupboards and dig up a few more plants. Sigh. Back in Al Hail and suffering from complete exhaustion, we dined heartily on our fist meal in the new house: haricots en sauce tomate sur pain grillé.

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