Monday 11 May 2009

Oman: moving on

Sadly, the time has finally arrived for us to move away from Azaibah to a new house in a compound approximately 20km west of Azaibah in Al Hail. Most of the arrangements have been made and if the house is finished (more on this later) we should be moving on Tuesday. We are slowly packing things into boxes while trying to be quite ruthless as we know that we have accumulated a considerable amount in Oman (particularly ladies' shoes) on top of our original allowance.

We drove to the satellite TV shop to disconnect our current service and start a new contract with something that can’t be any worse than ‘Leading the Way’ Orbit. The incompetence of the woman that served us contrasted nicely with super-efficiency of her boss who rescued the situation before the bruises on our foreheads became too large. We departed with full confidence that the hopeless lady would inform the engineers not to come before Wednesday.

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