Monday 18 May 2009


I pulled off the highway at precisely 7.00am as instructed by the lady at Omantel to confirm the appointment for the telephone engineer today. No reply. Tried again. Still no reply. I continued my plod to work when the Omantel lady called me from the office (at 07.10am?) to remind me to speak to the engineers. ‘I have tried, but there’s no reply.’ ’Don’t worry, I know someone there, I will call for you to confirm the appointment,’ she said confidently and she gave me the engineer’s number.

A few hours later, with no apparent action at the house, I called the guy and quickly realised that we did not share a common language. I think I ascertained that someone would be at the house today. Sure enough, a few hours later, Mrs M informed me that someone was digging up the drive and playing with bits of wire.

When I returned home the Echo fell into the hole left by relocated paving stones and bits of pipe. A swift call to the engineer provided reassurance that ‘phone connect tomorrow’. It was all going very well.

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