Monday 20 July 2009

Oman: going home

'Once you are checked-in, leave your baggage at one of up to 96 Fast Bag Drops and go through Security - the whole process should take around 10 minutes' claims the BA website. Actually it was more like half an hour in one of 96 'Fast Bag Drop' queues. On the way to security, we found an Italian delicatessen and remembered that we needed wine vinegar at home. While examining the exciting products on the shelves, I realised that we could not buy anything as we were still on landside. 'So, who buys these things if you can't take them through security?'' I enquired. 'Yes, it's a problem.....would you like to see the manager?'

Having obtained two upgrades in the past few days, I thought I would try my luck one more time. 'Sorry Sir, we don't do free upgrades - you'll have to pay £150 each if you want to sit in Traveller Plus.' Glad she couldn't read my mind.

As I waited for our baggage at Muscat International, Mrs M reported that the ladies’ toilet was ‘disgusting’. Welcome back.

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