Friday 17 July 2009

USA: Mrs M's travelling pants

The closing session finished at midday leaving the afternoon free for some eleventh hour shopping. On returning to the hotel, I collected a package of trousers from the hotel concierge. These travelling pants were sent by our friend April from Florida (3,500 km) and will travel another 9,000 km to London followed by a further 6,000 km to Muscat*.

My last night in San Diego had to be spent in the Argentinean restaurant where the Uruguayan waiter convinced me to try the pizza. His suggestion that the Terraza red was not as good as the previous Pascual Tosco required a taste test. He was correct. The latter followed a bottle of Argentinean Quilmes beer to accompany the cheesy pizza.

*One pair was later returned from London to Florida, a further 9000 km.

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