Friday 21 August 2009

Oman: Showtime customer service 'second to none'?

How to order Showtime films.

1. Go to website and order online - no problem (even with new credit card).
2. Turn on TV and select ShowCinema channel - not listed.
3. Check website - no channel numbers listed.
4. Check schedule on TV - ShowCinema not listed.
5. Check Humax (decoder) schedule - ‘Update Humex EPG failed – please try again’.
6. Telephone Showtime customer support – ‘Satellite installation’.....’I thought this was customer support?’.....’They’ve changed the numbers’.
7. Email customer support – tried that (thinking someone would respond).
8. Check TV programming again (it must be there) – ShowCinema still not listed.
9. Phone satellite provider in Muscat – answerphone (very rare).
10. Use very, very bad language.
11. Reset decoder to default - no effect.
12. Retune Nilesat satellite - adds new channels and scrambles previous order.
13. Search for ShowCinema - find film on channel eight hundred and something.
14. Watch remainder of film.

'Our commitment to customer service comes second to none'.

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