Sunday 1 November 2009

Oman: CT3 reunion

Mrs M Tours’ next group brings together chums from various parts of the globe that were part of our ‘CT3’ training class of ‘77. This was a time when we chaps had hair and Mrs M’s chest was further away from the ground. Although another member, Jerry of Malmsbury, has connections with this part of the world, he could not wangle the leave. He will be with us in spirit - lots and lots of spirit. Neil’s wife Cherrypie (henceforth known as CP), will be doing girlie things and talking about lady parts with Mrs M.

Andy flew in from Singapore this evening into an empty airport. The others arrive tomorrow morning. This tour will feature desert cricket and there is the possibility of re-enacting the escape of the creature from the guy’s chest in Alien which originally took place 30 years ago in a hideously decorated house in Hanworth (providing we can find celery and tomato sauce).


Son said...


What is going on with your hair doo dad!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is the sinister looking bloke in the red (front left) Bob Mills?
Also bet you got a clip for the sarah chest comment!
Al. x