Sunday 25 October 2009

Oman: Wadi Bani Khalid and more poo

Everyone slept very well, despite the racket made by cooing doves and clanging lorries working on the new road (sadly, I do not have time to write about this atrocity). LMF had a few comments about the bread, milk, butter, egg, beans, orange drink, cereals, juice and water, so Mrs M retrieved chocolate croissants and juice from our backup store.

With camel rides and coloured string purchases
completed, we headed to the rest house to get our packed lunches before visiting Wadi Bani Khalid. Ethan’s innocuous request to visit the toilet resulted in an incident which Andrew reported as ‘unbelievable’. The disaster scene also needed the use of a hose. We deduced that he must have the squits. A while later, with fresh pants, we continued to Wadi Bani Khalid.

It was not over yet. After turning off the main road in the direction of the wadi, the subject of toilets entered into the conversation again. Minutes later, an emergency stop was requested. I found a children’s playground which had a small unfinished breeze block building which might have been a toilet. Unfortunately it was not, but it served as a shield for the hideous event that was to follow. Ethan exploded once again. A small herd of wandering goats were visibly distressed by what they saw.

In more fresh pants, we eventually reached the wadi. We sat beside the pool near the hideous new café (I do not have time to write about this atrocity either), along with a squadron of hornets. The sandwiches caused a few grumbles, but the fish did not raise any objections. The grownups relaxed under a palm tree as the three children played in the cool emerald green water.

A couple of hours later, we ambled back to the car for the drive back to Muscat. Fortunately, there were no bottom incidents. The Foys consumed large bowls of breaded chicken with ‘flat pasta’ with gusto. LMF even developed survival tactics to repel potential food thieves at the table.

A splendid day.

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