Wednesday 2 December 2009

Oman: fresh fish, fresh crab

While belly boarding in the morning, Mrs M spotted a large fish swimming around her which I had noticed earlier jumping, salmon style, out of the water. Without the aid of several hundred pounds of fishing equipment, Ian utilised a large piece of wood to stun the clearly deranged Southern meagre croaker. Minutes later, it was in the cool box. I really should send the photo to Fisherman’s World.
More culinary delights were discovered in the afternoon when Ian found numerous crabs passing the day in a pool. They were soon swimming in boiling water on the fire before being dressed and mixed with mayonnaise.

In the early evening, the fire was reorganised to accommodate the fish wrapped in foil and sausages on a separate grill. The sun set to the sound of cracking ring-pulls and the rustle of a foil pouch as Mrs M desperately tried to squeeze the last drops out of the wine box. We consumed the fresh fish, crab and accessories around a now roaring fire under a bright full moon.

Memories are made of this.

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