Wednesday 10 February 2010

Oman: Pit roast on Fins beach

The sun burned off the morning mist by the time the rest of the group emerged, leaving a beautifully clear morning. Jamie learned a valuable camping lesson when he realised that hermetically-sealing a tent is not always a good idea as he emerged from his nylon shelter gasping for air.

The morning included dips in the deliciously cool sea, long walks, brie and tomato chutney rolls, shell collecting and turtle spotting activities. After lunch, we started the pit for the evening’s lamb. The meat was wrapped in copious layers of foil with two whole garlic bulbs,Pit roast - Fins beach olive oil and a few sprigs of rosemary from Mrs M’s garden before being placed on top of the fire and covered with sand. Full instrctions available here. The partially cooked potatoes were ready to be finished off on the main fire in the evening.

In the afternoon, I took Jamie to Fins for provisions where he proved to be very popular with the young girls of the village who giggled, sniggered and pointed. It was very charming. The flat breads we bought from the bakers were still warm when Camping Fins beachwe returned back to base camp.

Four hours later, we located the silvery parcel which was carefully unwrapped with subtle wafts of garlic. Where else can you find a tour company in Oman that provides its guests with pit roasted Australian lamb, jacket potatoes, French petit pois and carrots next to a roaring fire on a deserted beach?

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