Friday 5 March 2010

Oman: The best part of the day

Sunrise Ras Al HaddThe cloud over the last few weeks has produced some spectacular sunrises and this morning was no exception. While waiting for the rest of the family during one of my breakfasts, I observed a group of French ornithologists setting off for the day with enough equipment to stock a camera shop.

Fourteen cups of tea later and a few minutes before the end of official breakfast time, the family strolled in expecting piping hot, freshly cooked food. Fortunately, the cooks prepared a fresh omlette to go Osprey - Ras Al Haddwith the last rubbery offering which had been keeping warm since before seven o’clock.

Breakfast done, we adjourned to the beach to make the most of the sun before checkout time. We are pleased to report that the moray eel, absent on previous visits, has been seen alive and well. Another frequent visitor, an osprey, sat menacingly above the camp with no intention of taking off for the ‘osprey taking off’ photograph. I should have told the French chaps to stay put.

The inevitable lunch took place under wispy-cloud. The food created the predictable results as my passengers snoozed their way, with dippy heads, throughout the journey back to Muscat.

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