Wednesday 3 March 2010

Oman: Koofi’s thick skin

After a solid five hours sleep, I plodded to work at 10 kph to endure a day in the office while the rest of the family had a nice long sleep in their soft comfy beds. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.

Several weeks ago, the three cats had rabies boosters for their transfer to another part of the world later in the year. Blood tests at the vet today required the withdrawal of a sample from the jugular vein after heavy sedation. In Koofi’s case, sufficient anaesthetic to calm a rhinoceros was not going to stop him putting up a fight. Abbey was as floppy as an empty hot water bottle and Akhi remained stoic throughout.

A few hours, and several piles of biscuit sick later, Koofi was still trying to counter the effects of the medication with a rather pathetic face, while the two girls slept through their hangovers on the sofa.

Apart form playing nursemaid, Ann and John’s first day was spent in shoe shops (nice), in preparation for a short weekend excursion.

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