Thursday 20 May 2010

Oman: Trekking Path C52

Trekking path C52Desperate to escape the tedium of end-of-tour paperwork, email, telephone calls and appointments, I explored another of Oman’s trekking paths.

After work, I parked behind Bandar Al Jissah beach and searched for the start of C52 which runs east to west along the ridge in between Bandar Al Jissah and Qantab. The route up to the ridge starts next to a typically scruffy shelter surrounded by barbecue detritus, plastic bags and water bottles.

Clambering over loose rocks, I reached a junction where the path splits to the east (C52b) or west (C52a), and turned my sensibleTrekking path C52 shoes towards the shelter at the end of C52a. The path is obviously little used and there are no markers – however, most of the path is clearly visible with stones lining the edge of the track.

Climbing higher, I looked back at the incongruous Shangri La development surround by the beautiful orange rocks and blue sea. It was getting quite warm. The path wriggled upwards and I eventually arrived at the shelter, which had seen better days. To the north, there were great (but hazy) views of Qantab, and the Al Bustan in an oasis of artificially lush vegetation.

Two EgTrekking path C52yptian eagles cast large shadows over the ground as I sat for a while in the shelter. The only other signs of life were a gecko, a large stick insect the size of a pencil, and a bizarre caterpillar covered in large spines shuffling up the wall. Not a sound could be heard.

I was melting. A few more sweaty photos later, I headed slowly back to the car park, marvelling at the rugged beauty of the rocks, secluded beaches, clear sea and the utter solitude.

For more information on trekking, see the link below, the Trekking Oman website or the following books: Oman Trekking, Oman Off-Road and Adventure Trekking in Oman.

Next week......trekking path C53.

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Blewyn said...

Nice post, will try the path myself soon.