Friday 4 June 2010

Oman: Phet arrives

At 7.00am we drove the cars to the City Centre multi-story car park which was closed with barriers across all of the entrances. Undaunted, Mrs M whacked the Prado, local style, over the kerb and proceeded to the first floor where, judging by the lack of space, other people had had the same idea. We returned home in the little toy car, stopping at a petrol station to buy most of its milk.

As the rain continued to fall during the afternoon, we planned for the worst and moved our belongings to the safety of the upper floors. We ate dinner in an echoey room lit by a few scented candles thanks to an anticipated power cut. The electricity supply was restored a couple of hours later.

There was nothing more to be done. The hatches were battened; food, water and lights were spread around the house; mops, buckets and towels were ready. Bring it on.....

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