Thursday 1 July 2010

Oman: Farewell Oman

The Chedi - MuscatAt 6.00am I sat on the beach in front of the Chedi and looked towards Azaibah beach where our adventure began almost five years ago.Our plane leaves at midday.



Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Masalaama, safari salaama, take care and safe journey inshaAllahkheir!

Can't wait to follow the new blog. Keep us up to date in cartoons!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steve,

I am considering teaching in Oman. There are several vacancies for English lecturers at the technical colleges there. A list of possible colleges are provided and the instructions include ranking the colleges in order of preference. My goal is to live in the most western city that has a Christian church. Also, my husband will stay at home with our child, so a city that has many things to do (parks, museums, zoos, swimming, etc.) That being said, how would you rank the following colleges of technology: Nizwa, Ibri, Al Musanna, Ibra, Shinas, Salalah. Thank you very much! Shelly

Mr. Steve said...


I’m sure this blogger in Muscat would be able to answer your main questions:

Muscat is the most westernised city with a handful of parks, museums, cinemas and cultural activities. Salalah is the second largest city but there are not many westerners apart from transients connected with oil or the military. Nizwa and Shinas are large towns, but again very few permanent westerners and not much to do. Musanna is on the northern cost past Barka about half an hour’s drive from Muscat (outside of rush hour!). Ibra and Ibri are extremely remote.

There are no zoos in the country. There are no public swimming pools – most pools are located in private clubs, hotels or resorts in Muscat or possibly Salalah.

You need to look outside of the towns and cities for your entertainment – a good 4WD and basic camping equipment will allow you to explore Oman’s fantastic mountains, deserts and beaches.

Good luck!