Sunday 8 August 2010

Singapore: Raffles

Raffles Hotel - SingaporeConsidering Raffles is one of the most famous tourist locations in Singapore, they don't make it easy to get in. We asked at the main door if we could partake of afternoon tea to be told, somewhat brusquely, that they were fully booked. Clearly, Mrs M's importance in the clotted cream world has not reached Singapore. We wandered round the grounds through the mixture of old colonial buildings and modern reproductions filled with small American-style shops selling expensive items that nobody wants. 

We sought refuge from the afternoon heat in the Raffles Café which looks, sounds and smells like a 1930s coffee house. The cream tea passed inspection, albeit with some minor comments on the quantity of the cream. Likely to go on the tour agenda instead of the ridiculously expensive high tea. Serves them right for being grumpy.

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