Saturday 11 September 2010

Singapore: I love the smell of Singapore in the morning

While wandering along the Singapore river this morning, I encountered three porcelain gentlemen sitting on a fire hydrant. Nothing unusual about that, I have come to realise. What was unusual was the amount of litter along the riverfront in the form of beer bottles and food containers. Gangs of men scurried around with brooms and plastic bags to clear up the mess before anyone noticed.

Sweaty lycra-clad men and strangely un-sweaty lycra clad ladies thumped along the pavement. Restaurant owners started to unchain their padlocked tables and chairs for breakfast. Pleasure boats chugged along the river.

The area around Clarke Quay was decorated with fantastic floats and stalls in preparation for the mid-autumn festival which Lantern Festival floats - Clarke Quaystarts today. Also known as the Mooncake or Lantern Festival, the decorations are part of the festivities and events which take place throughout the 8th month of the Chinese calendar. Can't wait.

I crossed over the river at the Fullerton Hotel and returned on the other side of the river though narrower streets lined with restaurants with colourful menu displays and tanks of water containing fish trying not to look edible.

I dropped into a cafe to get a few croissants for Mrs M's breakfast. I thought I was getting used to silly prices in Singapore but $12 for 4 bits of bread? They were good though.....

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