Saturday 13 November 2010

Singapore: It's camping....but not as we know it

East Coast ParkWe noticed the official camping areas on the beach at East Coast Park and concluded that Christmas dinner would probably not be quite the same this year if not cooked on (in) a deserted Omani beach. The smoke from barbecue stations increased throughout the late afternoon as men frantically fanned coals before piling on mounds of sauce-covered animal components. Senior members of extended families sat on the ground in anticipation while children ran amok. A dog ran into the bushes to savour the bones from someone's plate.

The sun was setting behind the city casting an orange glow over the shore and beach dotted with people either packing up for the day or settling in for the night. Crowds started to gather in the restaurants which we shunned in favour of the ‘East CoastDuck porridge, East Coast Lagoon Food Village Lagoon Food Village’ next to the cable ski lake.

It is without doubt the most lively hawker centre we have encountered. After running the gauntlet of countless satay stands, we found a long queue waiting for duck rice and porridge. Moments later Mrs M was tucking into her rice while I slurped the glutinous rice porridge and intense duck-flavoured gravy.

The fish stands look good for next time…..

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