Tuesday 28 December 2010

Singapore: Sentosa Underwater World

Underwater World oozed with people as we shuffled through the exhibits like herded cattle in less than half an hour. The main exhibit culminated in the inevitable gift shop experience which was probably more entertaining. The show at the Dolphin Lagoon featured seals doing humorous things while a pink dolphin paced up and down. We did not stay. The food court has to be one of the worst places to eat in Singapore. In summary, not a good experience.

We took the bus to Imbiah Lookout where the queue for the Skyline Luge stretched back to Singapore, so we hopped onto the Tiger Sky Tower. Although not necessarily representative of the whole of Singapore, the view from the tower provides an interesting panoramic view of Sentosa and the southern coast of Singapore.

After the Sky Tower’s ‘truly moving experience’ we bought tickets for the luge. With previous experience, Mrs M was planning the fastest route which ignored most of the rules on the very long list of dos and don’ts. Flossie and I were held up in slow-moving traffic extending the ride to at least three-and-a-half minutes. We returned to the Imbiah Lookout by chair lift.

That was enough fun for the day. Weary, hot and bothered, we called a taxi and returned to the house for a shower and nice hot cup of tea.

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