Saturday 11 December 2010

Singapore: Shrubs, GPS anomalies and fresh crayfish

Botanic Gardens SingaporeDay two of the whistle stop tour focused on the Botanic Gardens. While the others marvelled at beautiful plants, I wandered several paces behind working on technical GPS problems and experiments with digital camera settings.

At one point we stumbled across a small lake surrounded by men Sandcastle Beach, East Coast Parkwaywith expensive cameras equipped with enormous lenses that would have made an imaging satellite blush. These were aimed at a small grebe that patiently posed for several minutes without movement. I had lens envy.

In the early evening, we took our guests to East Coast Lagoon Food Court for dinner before taking them to the airport. After a brief stroll on the beach, we found a table in the food court and the ladies bought dainty meals. The gentleman on the othEast Coast Lagoon Food Courter hand, ordered a substantial amount of fresh Crayfish, seafood Mee Goreng and mixed vegetables. These were consumed with much passion and a certain amount of incredulity from our audience.

After waddling back to the car, we drove our chums to the airport for them to continue their journey to Australia. As we drove back home, we considered not if, but when we would visit Oman again.

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hnd said...

So glad you put your new blog address on Suburban's latest post. It's been fascinating reading about your adventures in Singapore.

hnd (currently in Dubai but moving to Muscat sometime in the next 6 months, in shÁllah)